In 1954, we raised the money and had the cemetery lots curbed where Dad and Mother are buried in Lorenzo Cemetery. This was $110.00. Memorial flowers are placed on the graves most every year. In 1971, a head marker was placed on the grave of Moses B. Brian, in Antioch Cemetery, Lovington, New Mexico. I believe this was $120.00 and paid. Every year we pay our assessment to the Lorenzo Cemetery Association to help pay a caretaker's salary.

Left to right: Front row: Samuel Ellis Brian, Melton Dessex Brian,  Rosa Brian Howard and William Preston Brian.  Back row: Custer Brian, Cora Brian Greenhaw, Effie Brian Parr, Fannie Lee Melton, Norma Brian Brisco, and Florence Tarry LeCroy.  Made in 1955, Lubbock, Texas.
Left to right: Melton Dessex Brian, William Preston Brian, Dalton Delmont Brian, and Samuel Ellis Brian. This was made in 1951, Plains State Park, Plains, Texas.
From left to right: Norma Brian Brisco, Rosa Brian Howard and Cora Brian Greenhaw.  Made at Plains, Texas, in 1951.