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Joseph Thomas Brian, son of Thomas and Narcissus Brian, enrolled June 3, 1861, was mustered into Confederate service at Orangeburg, June 4, 1861. He was made Lieut. Comdr. C (K) 5th, South Carolina Volunteers on August 31, 1863. On December 31, 1864, he was made Captain. He was wounded and captured and made a prisoner at the battle of Gettysburg. Freed after the war. Disappeared in the Galveston flood in 1900.

Dr. Alfred Aaron Brian attended Wayland Baptist College, Hardin-Simmons University and Howard 'Payne College. He was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Littlefield, Levelland, and Merkel, also District Nine Missionary. He was Vice-President of Howard Payne College from March 1, 1950, to July 31, 1953. He went to San Antonio as Superintendent of City Missions, April 1, 1954, where he served until called home, November 22, 1955. 1 have heard so many say, "He was like Enoch, he walked with God. "

Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, Samuel Ellis Brian received his BA degree from HardinSimmons University, Abilene, Texas, and the Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Religious Education from the Golden Gate Seminary, Mill Valley, California. He entered military service in 1942, and is a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He served in India, Burma, France, Germany, England, Alaska, Japan, Taiwan, Iwo Jima, Thailand and Vietnam. He recently completed a tour of duty in Southeast Asia and was awarded the Bronze Star for duty with the Air Force, and the Vietnam Medal of Honor, First Class, by the South Vietnamese Government for humanitarian work done with the local people.

Greetings from Joe, Leona, Carl, Jonathan and Charlotte Tarry. A Christmas card greeting from Joe Tarry and family, grandson of Fannie Brian Tarry, of Lovington, New Mexico. Joe and Leona, his wife, are our missionaries to Brazil. Joe has been home since this Christmas card. He attended our last Brian reunion, 1971, at Lubbock, Texas.

A whale of a job. You have to say this about the work of Walter Lee Brian, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. Notice the accomplishments. He is beginning his seventeenth year as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Alamogordo, New Mexico. Served on State Mission Board fifteen years. Vice-President of New Mexico Convention one year. Moderator of Mountain View Baptist Association for eleven years. Also served his church as pastor and served his association as Missionary for one year. I still have to say, "whale of a job."

Dr. Kirby B. Tarry, grandson of the late Fannie Brian Tarry, is a Doctor of Medicine in Hawaii.

I mentioned in the first of the Brian His tory that we had preachers, teachers, singers, chaplains, missionaries, soldiers, farmers, ranchers, merchants, well, let us just say legion, as there are so many others.

How did the reunion start and why? After mother died in July, 1950, two of my sisters, Norma Brian Brisco and Rosa Brian Howard, talked to me and made the statement of the need for a get-together. After discussing it, we came up with the idea of a family reunion each year. We had our first reunion at the Plains City Park in 1951, with 73 in attendance. I was elected president and Rosa Brian Howard was elected secretary. Some pictures were made on this day which you ran see on the following pages. Samuel Ellis Brian flew in and was delayed, Alfred Aaron Brian, Sr., had to leave early. The two did not get to see each other.

1952, we met in the Mackenzie State Park, Lubbock , Texas; 61 were present for this reunion. Alfred Aaron Brian, Sr. was elected president and Lonetta Brisco Kitrell was elected as secretary. A good program was enjoyed by all.

1953 we met at the Mackenzie State Park with 53 in attendance. Officers were present and presided. William Preston Brian elected for president and Lonetta reelected as secretary.

1954, 49 present. The meeting called to order by the president at the Mackenzie State Park. A good program enjoyed. Alfred Aaron Brian, Jr. , elected president and for secretary, Norma Lou Brisco Childs was chosen.

1955, August 25, at Mackenzie State Park, with 72 present for this meeting. Everyone enjoyed the program presided over by Alfred, Jr. Dalton Delmont Brian was elected president and Rosa Brian Howard was elected secretary. Uncle Custer Brian present, 80 years old.

1956, August 30, with 83 in attendance. According to the records this is the largest number we have ever had. Dalton Delmont Brian and Rosa Brian Howard were re-elected to their office for another year.

1957, August 28, 50 in attendance. Walter Lee Brian was elected president and for secretary, Lonetta Brisco Kitrell was chosen.

1958, the count was 53. A good program and Walter and Lonetta were re-elected.

1959, August 11, we had 59 in attendance. A good dinner and program. (I don't know why this doesn't appear in all the minutes, as I have attended all the reunions and we have always had a good program plus plenty of good food.) In this year we had our first bank account with $20.07, not much but a start. Records show that Lonetta was both secretary and treasurer. Uncle Custer Brian attended this reunion at the age of 84. Telegrams were sent to Dock and Sam as they were unable to attend. Also we had catering service this year by Underwoods. Rosa Brian Howard was elected president and Lonetta was reinstated as secretary and treasurer.

1960, the reunion was in the Community Center, Lorenzo, Texas. Some fifty people were in attendance. A good program and lots of good food. Dalton Delmont Brian elected president and Rosa Brian Howard was elected secretary and treasurer.

1961, August 10, only 39 in attendance. This is the smallest number on record. The meeting was at Lorenzo Community Center. Dock and Rosa re-elected to serve another year.

1962, August 16, we had 70 in attendance as we went back to the Mackenzie Park. The highlight of this day was, "This Is Your Life Cora Bell Brian Greenhaw. " Dock was absent and Ted presided. William Preston Brian and Rosa Brian Howard were elected officers.

1963, August 1, 79 in attendance. A good program and a lot of food. Ted and Rosa re-elected.

1964, August 11, we went back to the Lorenzo Community Center where 62 attended. Ted and Rosa re-elected to office.

1965, August 10, we went back to Mackenzie State Park. (We have had all the other reunions here since.) Fifty-six people attended. Walter Lee Brian elected president and Lonetta Brisco Kitrell elected secretary and treasurer.

1966, no reunion. It was called off due to some deaths in the family just before the time.

1967, July 25, 72 in attendance. Mabel Mabry Greenhaw was elected secretary and treasurer and William Preston Brian elected president. Well, I suppose it finally came to dictatorship in our reunion -- we are still in office -or else we are so good no one wants to put us out.

1968, August 12, only 48 attended.

1969, the date absent, but we had 49 in attendance, one more than the year before. (I would like to make this statement. We have had many more to attend these reunions than what we count. We only go by the number who registered. Many come and eat and have to leave and don't write their name down. Some others come for only a little while and then have to go. The attendance is much better than the records show.)

1970, August 11, 41 in attendance.

1971, July 13, we had a very good crowd. Maybe not the best reunion, but one of the best. More were there that hadn't been in several years.

You will read this in the Brian History before the next Brian reunion on July 11, 1972, Mackenzie State Park, Lubbock, Texas. Let me say now, ya'11 come!