He wasn't tall and he wasn't short, but his shoulders were broad and his legs and arms always seemed to me overly muscular. In the community in which we lived much depended on the fighting ability of those attending the local school. This alone made it necessary for me to defend my honor, to fight or to play the part of a coward. This is where my brother came in and was compelled to prove his worth; he was pushed into a fight with the largest boy in our school and had to crush the bully with his fist into the playground dust. From this time on I wasn't afraid as I could now say, "Yonder's my big brother." He wasn't a bully, but he wouldn't let others run over him or anyone else.

Walter Lee Brian, b. January 15, 1907, Desdemona, Texas, the eighth child of Kleber Dessex and Elizabeth Melton Brian. He was married to Euphia Smith, September 12, 1926, ceremony performed by C. N. Carr, pastor of Estacado Baptist Church. They have three daughters:

1. Maggie Lee Brian Graham, b. November 15, 1927. She has three children:
a. Debra Ann McMinn, b. March 31, 1953, Hale Center, Texas.
b. Dudley Brian McMinn, b. January 29, 1960, Wichita Falls, Texas.'
c. Candace Jill Graham, b. October 30, 1968, Lubbock, Texas.
2. Euphia Jean Brian Durbin, b. May 1, 1929, Tatum, New Mexico. They have two sons:
a. Micheal Wayne Osthus, b. March 13, 1950, Amherst, Texas.
b. Patrick Lee Osthus, b. January 17, 1954, Amherst, Texas. 3. Arlene Cheryl Brian Boggs, b. December 6, 1932, Tatum, New Mexico. She has one son:
a. Gregory Lee Boggs, b. March 17, 1951, Plainview, Texas.
Walter Lee Brian, made when eleven years old.  The old home place near Desdemona, Texas.


From left to right: Jean Brian Durbin, Maggie Lee Brian Graham, Arlene Brian Boggs, Euphia Smith Brian, and Walter Lee Brian.