Rosa Victoria Brian Howard, b. March 2 5, 1905, Eastland County, Texas, the seventh child of Kleber Dessex and Elizabeth Melton Brian. A slight, reflective woman who looks deceptively fragile but, like her mother, ninety-five pounds of pink porcelain, so put together by muscles and vigor which never seem to tire. As I recall, always a neat person, knowing how to dress to make her clothes bring out the best quality in good looks.

She was married to Anderson Arcemus Howard, December 20, 1923. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Hill of Idalou, Texas. Arcemus was born July 27, 1895, in Overton County, Tennessee, the son of Alexander Portman Howard and Eliza Matilda Craft Howard. In 1897, the family moved by rail to Montague County, Texas, although two of the older sons made the trip through by teams and wagons.

Rose and Arcemus have four children, one girl and three boys as follows:

1. Betty Rose Howard Cannon, b. March 30, 1926, at Estacado, Texas, m. James Robert (Bill) Cannon, September 29, 1946. They have one daughter:
a. Sharon Ann Cannon, b. March 9, 1948.
2. Ray Arcemus Howard, b. June 30, 1929, m. Dell Teague Howard, October 28, 1950. They have one daughter:
a. Rhonda Kay Howard, b. August 15, 1954.
3. Jimmy Craft Howard, b. February 18, 1923, m. Doris Gunkey Howard, December 28, 1951. They have one son, Garry Don Howard, b. October 31, 1963. Jimmy is making the army his career. He is now in Vietnam and his wife and son live in Amarillo, Texas. See the chapter on military life for other things about Jimmy.
4. Bobby Joe Howard b. December 23,1934, m. Gladys Satterfield Howard, May 8, 1957. They have one son:
a. Cecil Ray Howard, b. February 6, 1958.

Left to right: Betty Howard Cannon, Sharon Ann Cannon and Rosa Brian Howard.

Betty Howard Cannon, seated; Ray Arcemus Howard, standing in chair; Arcemus Howard and Rosa Victoria Brian Howard.