General George Armstrong Custer, American Cavalry Officer, famed for his "last stand"' against the Indians. He commanded the 3rd Cavalry Division and served under General Robert E. Lee, and on April 9, 1865, received Lee's flag of truce--a towel- -afterward given him as a present from his commander, General P. H. Sheridan. When the fifth child was born to Alfred Aaron and Mattie McDowell Brian, he was named Custer Brian after the famous General Custer, whom Alfred Aaron Brian had met during the Civil War and appreciated very much.

Custer Brian was born in 1873, Inman, South Carolina, m. Mary Hale Brian. To this union four children as follows:

1. Effie Brian who married Albert Parr. They have one daughter, Willie Mae Jones,

2. Nicki Brian, killed by a neighbor over a fence-line dispute about 1928, near Sunset, Texas.

3. Aaron Brian - deceased.

4. Ellis Brian lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I suppose that of all my father's brothers Custer Brian was the most soft-spoken and gentle of all. He would never raise his voice and was always so gentle, kind and loving. When Nicki was killed and Aunt Mary, Uncle Custer's wife, was losing her mind over his death, Uncle Custer was so good to her. She would walk the floor day and night, saying, "Poor Nicki, poor Nicki," and Uncle Custer would never get upset but would talk to her gently and calm her down with his loving voice. Even after Aunt Mary was sent to the mental institution at Wichita Falls, Texas, Uncle Custer was near her as much as he was allowed by the regulations. This continued until the time she passed away. Uncle Custer was a good man, one that loved God and his fellowman. He was called home to be with the Lord in 1969, after living to a ripe old age of 96 years.