Joe Thomas Brian, b. 1867, in Inman, South Carolina, the oldest son of Alfred Aaron and Mattie McDowell Brian. He married a girl by the name of Mattie and they have a daughter, Hazel, who is married and lives in Ft. Worth, Texas. Both Uncle Tom and Aunt Mattie died and are buried in Ft. Worth. I am sorry that I do not have any more information about Uncle Tom and his family. I hope after this book is published to get in touch with Helen Hazel and we can finish this-history and write it on the pages left for that purpose.

I remember Joe Thomas Brian coming to our home in 1921. He was a very handsome businessman, dressed in a very nice gray suit. He had a little mustache grown on each side of the upper lip which gave him a look of distinction. He was very successful in his field of business as a commercial traveler. I was only eleven years of age when he visited in our home'. This was the first and only time that I saw him, but the memory of a well-dressed businessman has lingered with me through the years.