1. The letter "b" for born; "d" dead or deceased; "m" for married.

2. Some family records are short of materials.

3. It was impossible to give complete genealogy from family to family from Brian Boru until the time when our ancestors placed feet on the shore of Chesapeake Bay in the State of Maryland.

4. Pictures are used to represent family groups as much as possible. I could not use all photos because the cost was prohibitive, but I did use as many as deemed best for the book.

5. The author tried not to use any material that would reflect in a bad way on any one person.

6. The author tried not to show any partiality in any family record.

7. All means were exhausted in trying to get complete records from each family for the book.

8. Blank pages are left after each family history for you to add your own family incidents and records through the years to come.