It is the sincere desire of the author that this family record may be found of value to subsequent family historians who may be able to write a more decisive history than this one. These pages are not flawless and some of the facts and dates may not be exactly right but they are submitted with the belief that out of them many priceless facts may be culled which otherwise might have been forever lost to unborn generations.

This earnest work compilation is ended June 4, 1971, after many years of collaboration from every source possible of history and records. After thousands of miles of research, this work is brought to my kindred and friends. Believing that putting into permanent form the names of scores of heretofore "unsung heroes and heroines," who have unselfishly served unborn generations, who, through the centuries, will have cause, "to rise up and call them blessed".

In 1957 and again in 1970, it was the author's great joy to see the old plantation home near Spartanburg, South Carolina. The old house is still standing after over two hundred years. I drank water from the old well, hand dug, rock lined from top to bottom. The water was obtained with a rope and pulley with a bucket and my muscle energy. As I drank the good water I couldn't help but think of the many generations, like myself, that had stood by the well curb and tasted of the refreshing water. Like Isaac and Jacob, Thomas Brian became a blessing by well digging. "And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father. -- Gen. 26:18.

I am indebted to my many friends and loved ones for counsel and encouragement in connection with the compilation of this book. Especially do I wish to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to Mrs. J. W. Crownover, who read, re-read, typed, re-typed the manuscript and made many valuable suggestions, who in addition to her many other duties has performed yeoman service in the preparation of the manuscript. Others giving gracious assistance were Mrs. Carolyn Grine, Mr. Lee Webb, and my daughter and son-in-law, Mr. Lex and Mrs. Annie Roby.

It is the prayer that this book may prove a blessing to someone, somewhere, that I send it forth.

William Preston Brian
Pastor's Study
Royalty Heights Baptist Church
7th and Royalty
Odessa, Texas 79760
September 23, 1971