Brian Boru
(c) William Preston Brian
All rights reserved

Many thanks to the family of William Preston Brian for their generosity in allowing me to "scan" and "convert" their father's work so that other genealogists in the family could enjoy it.

While there are additions and corrections that could have been made, I have refrained from almost all.  The exceptions were:

  • Exact addresses of families have been removed for the internet version.
  • Light editing, spelling and grammar, as much as my limited abilities allow.
  • Photos that were damaged or scanned poorly were omitted in the complete version and the internet version that follows.
  • This is a "historical" copy.  There are many people in the family that have asked for "photocopies" of this book.  While an updated "version" could have been made, I did not want to destroy this work as an original source of information.

    We have used many clues from this book, things that I had questioned and attempted to prove or disprove through research have lead to information that was invaluable.  We hope to put together an entirely new work later, but I did not feel there was just cause to alter this original work.

    There is a Microsoft Word 97 version of this work (printable) and a FREE COPY of
    the Microsoft Word 97 Viewer (you can not CHANGE anything with the viewer).

    Brent R. Brian