Mollie Brian McGuire, the first child of Alfred Aaron and Mattie McDowell Brian, b. 1865, in the old plantation home near Inman, South Carolina. A young Negro slave, Mary Brian, was the nursemaid for Grandmother Brian. She was very dear to Mattie McDowell Brian and when she was freed after the war, my grandmother said, "It hurt me more to give up Mary than any other thing, which I had to give up." Alfred Aaron Brian didn't get to see little Mollie until after the close of the Civil War, as he had been held as a prisoner of war in a prison camp in the state of Pennsylvania.

Mollie Brian McGuire was married to Will McGuire of Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 1882. Sometime later they moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, where they lived until their death and were buried there.

Somewhere about 1898 or 1899, my father, Kleber Dessex Brian, moved his family from Wolf City, Texas, to Little Rock near Uncle Will McGuire. They had words and a fight over a span of mules, so my father ups and moved his family back to Brownwood, Texas. Due to this ill feeling the families never wrote nor visited again. I suppose after the trouble and leaving of Arkansas, neither one saw the other again. For this reason, I have to confess we have no history of this family. No ill will on our part, but going back to our fathers.