This poem is true and not just a fable,
It was written by me and my mother, Mabel.
It took several hours, we worked hard and long,
So I read a poem instead of a song.
Kleber and Elizabeth had a family of eleven,
Eight still here, three gone to heaven.
The father and mother have joined the three
While only eight remain of the family tree.
Well, first there was Cora, a precious thing is she,
If hadn't been her, there wouldn't be me.
Their children are two sons, and grandchildren four,
Now, listen real close, and I'll tell you some more.
And there's Norma, as happy as can be,
Who married Frankie, help trace their family tree;
Lonetta, Norma, Joyce and Nelda Frank,
Eight grandchildren, and one great one, I think.
In memory of loved ones so dear,
We know they are in heaven we have no fear.
Lou was a lovely person they say,
Left a husband with three children a while to stay.
Alfred, a preacher, his fame lives on,
A wife and three children he left-, bless his dear ones.
The ones left are Ora Lee, Bobbie Helen and Speck,
How much do we love them? A hug around the neck.
Now there's Dud and Mamie, bless their dear souls,
I know their hearts must be made of gold
They had three sons and lived in a dug-out,
But they didn't mind and really made out,
Rose and Arcemus had a daughter and three sons,
Raising a family during the depression wasn't fun.
They made it and were as happy as could be,
This is a lesson for you and for me.
The next is Walter, add "Koot" to his name,
Euphia has added a lot to his fame;
By giving him three lovely daughters that live near,
And then five grandchildren to them they hold dear.
Ted married a Cherry, but she's really a peach,
I don't know how many years he has preached.
God blessed them with Preston, Beth, that's not all,
As Tommy and Cherrydel came along in the, fall.
The next son was Dalton, he's called Dock,
I suppose he won Joy, with kind of a love shock.
She added three to the family tree, a daughter and two sons,
Namely, Gayle, Dalton and last came Billy Don.
Sam has traveled for God and for country,
A Chaplain and the rank Lt. Col. is he.
Billie, his wife, Larry a boy, and Judy a girl,
These are the three that make up his world.

Written by Mabry Greenhaw,
great-grandson of Kleber Dessex Brian.