Loucille Brian, b. December 18, 1898, Fannin County, Texas, m. Charles Wesley Evitt, Sr., December 22, 1920, at Idalou, Texas. The following children were born to this marriage:
1. Esther Cleo Evitt, b. February 12, 1923 Estacado, Texas. Cleo married Andrew Harrison Hendricks, March 8, 1938~ Two sons survive, namely. Andrew Wesley Hendricks and Charles Harrison Hendricks, who live somewhere in Arkansas.

Esther Cleo Evitt married A. L. Yoakum, Reno, Nevada. To this marriage one son, Alvin Russell Yoakum, b. July 25, 1947, diedAugust 11, 1963. Esther Cleo Evitt m. a Mr. Woods in 1963 and since then he has passed away.

2. Pauletta Evitt, b. July 2, 1925, Estacado, Texas, m. John Henry Harris, Tucumcari, New Mexico, April 17, 1943. They have the following children. Faye Harris, m. and two children and they live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Gretta Lucille Harris, who at this time is attending Oklahoma Christian College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She will be married in March of 1972. Pauletta Evitt Harris.

3. Charles Wesley Evitt, Jr. , b. June 3, 1927, at Estacado, Texas, m. Setsu Evitt, and to this marriage the following children: Charlotte Evitt, Esther Cleo Evitt, Fred Evitt, and Linda Sue Evitt. Charles Wesley Evitt, Jr.

Loucille Brian Evitt died June 17, 1927. A few years after her death I wrote the following poem as a memorial to her.

I cannot say, I will not say, that Lou is dead.
She is just away!
On June 17th, 1927,
She went home, to heaven, with a cheer smile,
And a wave of the hand,
She made her journey into the better land.
So let us think of her faring on, as dear, in the love there as the love of hers here
She resteth now. No more her breast heaves,
With its weary breath;
Pain sits no longer on the brow, where lies the calm of death.
Sunk to her rest like a tired mother,
She lies in slumber deep, softly folded in the arms of Him, who "giveth His beloved sleep."

Left to right: Rosa Brian Howard and Loucille Brian Evitt. This picture made in 1919 at Estacado, Texas, at the twin windmill.

Headstone - Loucille Brian Evitt
"Sleeping, but not forgotten"

After Loucille's death, a few months later Charles Wesley Evitt, Sr., m. Clara Reagan Evitt, February 28, 1928. To this union one daughter, Verna Mae Evitt, who married Wayne G. Parks and they have one daughter, Vickie Parks. Verna Mae Evitt since remarried to Levi Coleman and they live in Fallon, Nevada.

In 1966, Clara Reagan Evitt died and Charles Wesley Evitt, Sr. married Ada Rudd Evitt in November, 1968.

I conducted the funeral for Alvin Russell Yoakum at Lorenzo, Texas, in 1963. He was the son of Esther Cleo Evitt, so this poem was written to his memory.


Barely seventeen, but why should we want to call Alvin back?
To this earth's wearisome now?
For glories immortal encircle his brow,
From glory to glory, forever ascending,
His soul with eternity forever blending.
In Bakersfield, California, he was saved,
And in Lorenzo, Texas, you can see his grave.
At Firebaugh, California, he finished his race,
But there in heaven we will see his face.

Left to right: Mrs. Evitt, Pauletta Evitt Harris, Charles Wesley Evitt, Jr., Mr. Evitt, and Esther Cleo Evitt Woods.  Mr. Evitt was a Church of Christ minister. These are Charles Wesley Evitt, Sr., his parents.

Left to right: Charles Wesley Evitt, Loucille Brian Evitt, and some kinsmen of Charles'.  They are seated on the running board of their 1919 Dodge Brothers touring car. This picture was made in 1920, a short time before their wedding.