Phila Brian Duke Hendricks. b. December 16, 1867, in the old plantation home near Inman, South Carolina. She was the third child of Alfred Aaron and Mattie McDowell Brian. She married George Duke, October 22, 1890, at Bonham, Texas. To this union the following children
1. Jo Duke Luker.

2. Carl Duke.

3. Lynk Duke Martindale.

Phila Brian Duke was married to Henry Clay Hendricks, in September 1896, at Bonham, Texas. To this marriage these children were born:
1. George Hendricks.

2. Helen Hendricks Glass.

3. Herman Hendricks.

4. Clay Hendricks.

5. C. L. Hendricks.

6. Pat Hendricks.

I have to say again that I don't know too much about the Hendricks family. They lived most of the time in Oklahoma and we lived in. Texas, but I did see some of them a few times in our home and visited with some of the Hendricks boys in Brownfield. We were not close enough for me to tell too much about them.

I can remember Aunt Phila Hendricks coming to our home in 1928 and visiting with her brother, Kleber Dessex Brian, my father. The best I can remember, she was short and heavy, nice looking, and real friendly. I can recall that she and dad had some real good laughs together. She departed this life, December 21, 1963. She lived to be 94 years of age.