Jane Brian married Henry Liles of North Carolina. Jane was a sister to Aaron Brian, my grandfather, and daughter of Thomas and Narcissus Brian. They had four children as follows
1. John Belton Liles, m. Annie Dean of Spartanburg, South Carolina. No children.

2. Della Narcissus Liles, m. Bryson Sylvester Reid of Campobello, South Carolina. They had four children

a. Jennie Liles Reid, m. Larry Langston of Spartanburg, South Carolina. No children.

b. Bessie Reid, m. Tom Bean of Springfield, South Carolina. No children.

c. Mattie Reid, m. John Washington Watts of Lourens, South Carolina.

John Washington Watts and wife served as Southern Baptist missionaries to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, for several years. They had four children: Reid was killed in World War II over Greece in a flying mission. John is a missionary in Zurich, Switzerland, and is teaching Hebrew in the Baptist Seminary; m., three children. Betty Jane, m. Elmer West, and he works for the Foreign Mission Board, Richmond, Virginia.

d. Bryce Reid is married and lives in Milan, Michigan, or did a few years ago.
3. Floyd Lannas Liles, m. Carrie Bryan (no kin). They had two children, Bryan and Virginia.
a. Bryan had two daughters, both married.

b. Virginia, m. John Scriven, no children.

4. Mattie Lelia Liles, m. John Sidney Carpenter of Lincolnton, South Carolina. They had four boys and four girls
a. Delia Liles, m. Charlie Jones Stover from Kershaw, South Carolina.

b. Margaret , m. Ben Cook of Greenville, South Carolina. One son, Benjamin, lives in Denmark, South Carolina.

c. Mattie Lelia, m. Dr. Joe Scott and they live in Saint George, South Carolina. One adopted son, Billy.

d. Henry Liles

e. Noah Frank.

Henry and Noah are twins and both are orchardists and live on the Carpenter home place and farm it.

f. Julian Belton also lives on the home place with the twins.

g. John Sidney, m. Margerite Schaen of Cleveland, Ohio, He is a Professor of Industrial Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

James Brian (son of Thomas and Narcissus Brian), m. Sallie Mooney. They had three girls and four boys. I will name the girls first:
1. Emmily m. Adolphus Alonzo McKinney of Asheville, North Carolina, a son of J. M. and Martha Daniel. They moved to Texas in 1869. Bought a farm and built a house on it at Birdstown, Texas. Here they reared their family of eleven children, six boys and five girls:
a. Eddie Lee, b. September 18, 1870, d. November 22, 1945

b. Jessie Earl, b. October 26, 1868, d. May 4, 1956

c. Sarah Martha (Mattie), b. April 6, 1873

d. Carrie Elizabeth, b. April 10, 1875, d. January 11, 1955

e. Nannie Lidell, b. March 11, 1877

f. John James, b. August 29, 1879

g. Walter Brian, b. December 14, 1881

h. Robert Ira, b. June 15, 1884, d. June 6, 1957

i. Lula Eliza, b. January 4, 1887

j. Claud Abbot, b. July 26, 1890

k. Emma, b. August 11, 1893, d. June 13, 1894

2. Charlotte Lou Brian, m. Joseph Hammett and did live near Spartanburg, South Carolina. They had nine children:
a. Etta McCallaster

b. Eliza Cantrell

c. Drusilla McMillin

d. Sally Hall

e. Anna

f. Joe

g. Spurgeon

h. Dock

i. Della Moore

3. Eliza Brian, m. a Willis, and also live near Spartanburg, South Carolina, They had nine children.
a. Dan

b. Will

c. Jim

d. Perry

e. Seila Sloan

f. Eula McDowell

g. Estell Brown

h. Ada Brannon

i. Lizzie Baughcome

4. William (Bud) Brian, m. Martha Walker. They had eight children.
a. Spurgeon, m. Minnie Lowe

b. Thomas

c. Jerome

d. Sally Edwards

e. Ema Ramsey

f. Louie

g. Mattie Sue McDowell

h. Nellie Alverson

5. Spurgeon Brian, m. Seny Ann Royston. They had four children.
a. Mooney Royston m. Carrie Mae Johnson

b. Perley Blanche Brian Brown

c. Mattie Narcissus Brian

d. William Earl m, Maggie Burnett

6. John M. Brian, m. Melissa Moore. They had five children.
a. Howard

b. Adolph Brian

c. Ruth Brian Reid - deceased.

d. Margaret Brian Taylor - deceased

e. John

7. Jim Brian, m. Canvass Brian, They had five children.
a. Daniel

b. Boyce

c. Monti

d. Lily

e. Pearl Jim Brian lived at East Flat Rock, North Carolina.

Picture of Spurgeon Earl Brian, son of James M. Brian, and grandson of Thomas Brian. The small boy is his grandson, Brian Brown, the son of Blanche Brian Brown.

Spurgeon Earl Brian and Seny Ann Royston Brian

Picture of Church Cemetery, New Prospect

This belonged to our great grandmother, Narcissus Camp Brian. This turkey platter is over 150 years old and was sent by a kinsman from Scotland. Blanche Brian Brown is holding it. She is the daughter of James and Sallie Mooney Brian, and great-granddaughter of Narcissus Camp Brian.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brian.  Jim was a son of James M. and Sallie Mooney Brian, and grandson of Thomas and Narcissus Camp Brian.

This is the picture of the New Prospect Baptist Church after it was remodeled. The old church burned. Thomas and Narcissus Brian were saved and baptized into this church. This is the church where my grandfather, Alfred Aaron Brian, found the Lord and was baptized. just east or to the back of the church is the cemetery where many of our kinsmen are buried. I visited the graveyard in 1957 and then in 1970.