King Brian, ruler of Munster, Ireland, 1002 AD. This Coat of Arms was made out of, brass or copper. The center in the shape of a spear pointed in a diagonal position dividing the Polyhedral figure. The daggers indented in the Coat of Arms in the lower-left and upper right-hand positions represent his six sons.

1. On bottom reading from left to right upward:

Morgan Brian - born in January
Charles Brian - born in May
William Brian - born in June
2. On top reading from left to right:
James Brian - born in July
Thomas Brian - born in October
Dessex Brian - born in December
3. On the top handle of daggers a birthstone was inserted as follows in honor of each son:

Garnet - January
Emerald - May
Alexanderite - June
Ruby - July
Rose - October
Zircon - December

The Slaying of King Brian

King Brian on his knees in prayer when slain by Bradar, a traitor of the Irish Republic, and by his treacherous wife, Gormlaith.